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Starting with X-Payments Connector for Magento version 1.8.0, it has become possible to restrict completely or partially the access of specific Magento users to X-Payments Connector features. This can be accomplished using Magento's Roles and Permissions (System -> Permissions -> Roles).

Xp magento roles.png

To restrict the access to X-Payments Connector or some of its features for a user/user group, you will need to adjust the role given to this user or group. Choose the role for editing and go to edit the Role Resources. In the Resource Access box, select "Custom" for the custom setup of access to the Magento store resources:

Xp magento roles1.png

Scroll down to the bottom of the resources tree. Here you can adjust the role access to X-Payments Connector in general, or to its specific features.

Xp magento roles2.png

Once you are done, be sure to click Save Role to save your changes.