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We have released an updated Magento 1 connector. We have improved both admin and customer experience to make payment processing even smoother.


Admin experience

  • Admin backend reorganised.
  • Developer mode removed.
    Some sources say the developer mode does not fully comply with the PCI standards because such an account used to use HTTP instead of HTTPS. However, if you need an X-Payments instance on a separate HTTP server, for testing or development needs, you may create a free SSL certificate for testing purposes.
  • Improved welcome page.
    It became even more welcoming and better-looking than before. :)
  • Specific status added for declined pages.
    In the cases when a payment gateway declines a payment, the X-Payments admin can set up a specific status for such a payment.

Customer experience

  • Security and performance optimizations at checkout.
    We did some magic to improve the checkout page security (as though it needed improvement) and as a side effect, we made the checkout process faster.

Bug Fixes

Admin area

  • Appearance of the warning buttons on the order page corrected.
    After an internal X-Payments check or a payment gateway check, or any other external service check (Kount, No-Fraud, or Signifyd), in some cases, a manual check is necessary. In this case, the admin should either accept the payment or decline it, depending on the situation. For this purposes, there are two buttons: Accept and Decline. They used to work incorrectly in some cases or cause errors. The issue is now fixed and their appearance improved.

Customer interface

  • Bug fixes at checkout.
  • Appearance of the “My Payment Cards” link.
    The link used to show up incorrectly or not show up where it should have been. We fixed this bug in the new version.
  • Behavior issues when the payment session expires at checkout.
    The expired payment session used to show up for several days which caused inconvenience. We corrected that behavior.
  • Cart/quote state for the declined payment.
    In some cases, if a payment was declined by the payment gateway or an error occurred, the order used to be placed. This order was assigned a wrong status and the cart was automatically emptied. We have fixed this issue and now in case a payment does not go through, your client stays at checkout and can try to pay once more. In case of a failed payment an order is still created in the admin backend but now you can set up which status it should get. – canceled, declined, failed, or any custom status.
  • Shipping address processing (affected Signifyd anti-fraud service).
    In some cases, shipping address used to be sent forward to Signifyd wrongly. It caused issues with correct risk-assessment. We fixed the issue.

Technical details


  • API 1.9 support.
    X-Payments can now send more info on a payment, that means you can get more details in the admin area of your online store, without having to log into your X-Payments backend. Also, we updated data exchange mechanism, which improved the speed of X-Payments interaction with your store.
  • Order placement and payment processing procedures optimised.
  • Caching of the communication between X-Payments and your online store implemented.
  • Improved logging.
  • Correct cc_trans_id for successful payment which follows a failed one.
  • Fixed responding for callback requests.


  • Updated integration with StoneEdge.
  • Updated integration with the Vendor theme by Eternal.