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Magento Connector 1.8.0 features

Magento Admin panel

  • Major improvement and revamp of connection and configuration: instead of multiple configuration pages, an admin user can now complete the entire process of X-Payments connection and configuration on the same page.
  • Now you can configure up to 3 payment gateways supported by X-Payments in your Magento checkout.
  • An admin user can save credit cards into customer profiles on behalf of customers.
  • An admin user can enter a new credit card to pay for a new order created in the Magento store back end.
  • "Saving credit card" setup is now available to Magento admin users.
  • "X-Payments Order State" page has been redesigned. This page enables the admin user to do partial refunds/voids and capture authorized funds.
  • Now access to the X-Payments Connector features can be partially or completely restricted with the help of Magento’s Roles and Permissions.
  • New "Developer Mode" ("Use HTTP protocol") can now be enabled for testing/development environment with no SSL support.

Customer front end

Code refactoring (for developers who extend the module features)

  • Decomposed the common extension helper. Now different features such as API communication, cart data preparation, address processing, and module settings are separated by different sequestered helpers.
  • Redesigned the functionality that was handled by the observer. Changed according to MVC design. E.g. A request to charge a card again is executed by a special API request from a certain controller.
  • The inheritance tree has been corrected and simplified. Internal quote model is used to transport data during payment processing, and it does not affect quote class extensions made by other modules.
  • Unused legacy code has been removed. Code style has been improved.
  • The version in the internal config file has been corrected.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Magento Connector 1.8.1 features

  • Changes to email notifications: Notifications are not sent on failed orders, but are sent on payments made using a saved credit card.
  • Orders modified by the store admin can now be processed.
  • Multi-store support has been implemented.
  • Speed up for callback request processing.
  • Operation with coupons has been corrected (Shopping cart price rules)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Magento Connector 1.8.2 features

  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • PHP 5.3 Compatibility added
  • Developer Mode operation has been corrected.
  • "Single order payment" option has been added for admin-created orders.
  • Order edit functionality has been improved. The way in which the transactions of edited orders are displayed has been simplified.
  • Integration with the One Step Checkout extension by AheadWorks has been improved.

Magento Connector 1.8.3 features

  • Minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • API 1.9 support.
  • Developer mode removed
  • Improved welcome page
  • Appearance of the “My Payment Cards” link was corrected.
  • Cart/quote state for the declined payment was fixed.
  • Shipping address processing corrected (affected Signifyd anti-fraud service).
  • Fixed responding for callback requests
  • Updated integration with StoneEdge
  • Updated integration with the Vendor theme by Eternal