XP Cloud:Jun 21, 2021 - X-Payments Cloud and XP Cloud connector updates have been released

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We are glad to announce that the new version of X-Payments Cloud has been rolled out!

The main feature of the release is the Google Pay support.

All X-Payments Cloud instances are upgraded already and the new version of X-Payments Connector for X-Cart 5.4 with support of the new features has been released as well.

Full X-Payments Cloud changelog:

  • Added Google Pay support
  • Added criteria for automatic selection of a payment configuration by minimum and maximum order total
  • Added tokenization support for PsiGate
  • Added invoice reference to the Authorize.Net refund requests
  • Improved error handling for CyberSource
  • Fixed errors during 3-D Secure for Bambora
  • AVS check results are now parsed correctly for Quantum Gateway XML
  • Unsupported characters are now stripped from line item SKUs
  • Security improvements
  • Minor UI changes