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X-Payments Cloud User Manual
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  3. Two-factor User Authentication
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  7. KOUNT Antifraud Screening
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  13. Supported Payment Gateways

The details of a specific user account can be accessed via the Users List page of the X-Payments Cloud standalone admin panel (Settings>Users). To view the details of a specific user account, click on the user name in the Users List. The 'Account details: <user name>' page opens showing all the information related to the user account:

XP2.0 account detail admin view.png

On this page you can:

  • View/edit the user account details (user name, email address, expiration date, inactivity period, user permissions, etc);
  • Change the user account status (lock the account if it is active / unlock the account if it is locked);
  • Delete the user account.