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The v3.1.0 is a bugfix release. Here is a list of bugs and errors that have been repaired:

Payment gateways integrations

  • Authorize.net: Refunds didn’t work;
  • eSelect Plus: Multiple payment attempts and addresses without numbers caused errors;
  • Intuit Quickbooks: If a customer had saved any credit cards data in his/her account but attempted to use a new card at checkout, it resulted in errors;
  • Bambora: Failed payments and unstable 3d secure feature work;
  • Cybersource: 3D Secure results were passed incorrectly to the gateway;
  • SagePay: Old tokens (saved cards) saved before the integration update didn't work with the new integration;
  • Payeezy: Reference ID was not passed, making it difficult to find the transaction in the Payeezy dashboard;
  • Payflow Pro: Address Verification System didn’t work if the merchant account used FDMS processor.

Other issues

  • X-Payments iframe showed up incorrectly in IE8 browser;
  • Built-in recurring payments feature didn’t work.
    BTW, this feature is deprecated now though still work. If you want to set recurring payments and sell subscription products, consider special free addons for X-Cart 5 and X-Cart Classic;
  • Time in logs used to differ from the online store time zone;
  • 'From' field in email notifications from X-Payments contained a wrong value when using sendmail instead of SMTP.

If you’ve faced any of the bugs and errors mentioned above, upgrade to v3.1.0 and forget about the inconveniences caused by these issues.

Also, X-Payments v3.1.0 uses the latest version of jQuery.

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