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Our devs never stop working on making X-Cart Payments maximum convenient and efficient for you. So, here is X-Payments 3.1.0 with multiple improvements, new features, and fixes.

Payment Gateways

  • New payment gateways added: Worldpay Total US, BlueSnap, Bambora (Beanstream), QuickPay;
  • Virtual Merchant module renamed to Elavon Converge;
  • Tokenization (a PCI compliant method to store credit cards) added for iTransact, Elavon Converge and fixed for Payflow Pro;
  • Support for fraud management and other improvements in Authorize.net integration;
  • JCB card type support in PayPal module;
  • Fixed issues related to Heidelpay module test/live mode.

UX and Security Improvements

  • Signifyd anti fraud screening service is now available in X-Payments in addition to Kount and NoFraud. So, now you can choose the one which better meets your needs.
  • Browser-side JavaScript card data validation has been developed. Sounds complicated but, in fact, it’s simple. Due to this update, if there is a typo in the submitted card info, the page won’t reload after validation losing the entered data. Your buyers will see a warning and will only need to edit the card number, but not waste time filling in the fields anew.
  • Automatic update of the card expiration date for re-issued cards has been enabled on the side of Authorize.Net. This feature is fully supported in X-Payments. If it’s only the expiration date, that has changed, this info will automatically be updated in X-Payments when a customer makes the next purchase using previously saved card (no additional actions from customer or administrator required);
  • Expired cardholder data keys don’t require manual regeneration anymore. X-Payments does it automatically.
  • Starting from v3.1.0 the root admin can grant permissions for additional user accounts in X-Payments back-end to edit templates, languages and view logs. See the full list of permissions the additional accounts owners may have here.
  • Improved support of 2-series Mastercard BINs and updated BIN detection for Discover network cards.
  • Improved IP addresses determination for stores protected by CloudFlare. In previous versions, the IP addresses could be determined incorrectly due to CloudFlare operational aspect.
  • Developer mode is now available for test installations without SSL. It means that you don’t need to have your site accessible by https and pay for SSL while testing. X-Payments will work in this case, however, there will be a watermark on checkout, that it’s a developer mode.
  • OpenSSL library is used now instead of deprecated mcrypt library.
  • Removed Solo, Switch, and Laser from supported card types as no longer valid.
  • Numerous minor design changes and improvements to make X-Payment as much convenient for you as it’s possible.

X-Payments Self-Hosted Upgrade

Users of X-Payments Hosted may skip this paragraph as our team handles all the upgrades for them upon request. Those who use self-hosted solutions should upgrade X-Cart Payments 3.1.0 follow these instructions.

New Cloud-based Infrastructure for X-Payments Hosted Accounts

We're moving to a new cloud-based infrastructure and need your assistance. Till the end of August, X-Payments Hosted accounts will be transferred to a new hosting environment. Here are the main reasons for it:

  • Flexibility. No more "X-Payments development" and "X-Payments hosting" as separate entities. As of today, we are one team and feel the full benefits of working in close cooperation with virtually no time lag.
  • Security. We are moving to Amazon Web Services PCI DSS Level 1 certified data centers so you can be sure that your data is safer than ever.
  • Optimization. The entire server-side environment was deployed with X-Payments in mind. Therefore we can reach the desired level of performance and security. I firmly believe that all these changes will make a positive impact on our product and you will notice it yourself. Also, your instance will be upgraded to the latest version of X-Payments 3.1.0. Of course, at no cost.

Here's what you should do:

  • To start the transition process, please choose the most convenient time for you between August 16 and August 31. We recommend scheduling it for the night-time so that you could avoid losing any transactions.
  • When the time is set, we will start the transition and notify you once it is complete. Until then, your shopping cart will be communicating with the previous X-Payments installation.
  • The last step is reconnecting. It is up to you whether you do it yourself or we do it for you. In the latter case, we will need the admin access to your shopping cart and X-Payments instances to get it done. You can post it here.

Needless to say, we are not going to disable or delete your current account until you confirm that the new one works as expected.

PA-DSS Implementation Guide

X-Payments is a PA-DSS certified software, to help minimize your efforts securing your store according to the rules of PCI-SSC. While subscribers of any X-Payments Hosted plans can sleep peacefully, totally sure that their customer data is safe, merchants who preferred going with X-Payments downloadable solutions have something else to take care of. The case is that not only the software should comply with the council requirements, but the server environment, too.

So, we’ve created the PCI-DSS implementation guide to help you configure your servers, where you’re going to host X-Payments software, in the right way.

Enjoy Flexible Plans from Bambora

Beanstream, a secure payment gateway supported by X-Payments, has passed rebranding and now is known as Bambora. Read the full announcement in the open letter by their CEO, Johan Tjärnberg.

In honor of this exciting occasion, they've got something interesting for you to offer:

For Canadian clients (CAD) Gateway + Merchant account:

CAD = $0 setup, $0 monthly, $0.30 per transaction, 2.8% processing rate

Apply at https://onboarding.beanstream.com/?id=067ecda5-03d4-4f48-b070-c8e1d735c7ce

For Canadian clients (USD) Gateway + Merchant account:

USD = $0 setup, $0 monthly, $0.30 per transaction, 2.9% processing rate

Apply at https://onboarding.beanstream.com/?id=88f6f872-6ede-4885-824d-78ce907ced10

For USA Clients (USD) Gateway + Merchant account:

USA (USD) = $0 setup, $0 monthly, $0.30 per transaction, 2.9% processing rate

Apply at https://onboarding.beanstream.com/?id=7f0a2313-d8fe-4582-9405-1fd164e00bd4

For any questions and suggestions, you're welcome to contact us at support@x-payments.com.