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The new version comes with multiple improvements, security updates and several bug fixes. Here is a quick overview of the latest changes we've done in X-Payments:

Updates in Payment Gateways Integrations

  • Authorize.Net: added a setting that enables the creation of the CIM profile before the transaction. In the previous versions, a profile either wasn't created at all (if the tokenization is turned off) or was created only after the transaction. As a result, due to Authorize.Net specific aspects, the first transaction was not tied to further transactions done with the token. Note: if you select to create the CIM profile before the payment, you'll need to pay a small commission for each authorization (a zero-dollar or one-cent) transaction .
  • Sage US: renamed to Paya and got a new logo.
  • Elavon Converge: updated endpoint URLs according to the latest changes on the Elavon side;
  • BlueSnap: added support for phone fields and soft-descriptor. The soft-descriptor parameter lets you send transaction-specific data along with your request, which your buyers will see on their credit card statement.
  • eSelectPlus: added a setting that allows disabling AVS check. You may want to disable it because it’s not compatible with particular merchant accounts and results in failed payments from them.
  • RBS Worldpay Corporate gateway: fixed issues related to payments from modern merchant accounts.

Other Improvements

  • New setting that allows enabling ‘Save card’ checkbox by default.
  • Ability to hide ‘Cardholder name’ entry on the payment form to simplify the checkout process for customers. X-Payments will still pass the cardholder name to the payment gateway, but it will use the one from the billing address.
  • Enabled logging of email sending attempts.
  • Ability to control the number of allowed payment attempts that a customer can take before X-Payments considers the order declined and returns it to the shopping cart. (New setting in X-Payments general settings -> Payments -> Maximum allowed payment attempts.)
  • New config setting that cleans line items names from special symbols. These symbols might result in failed transactions because not all payment gateways support them. The setting is enabled by default.
  • Detection of duplicate payments with same reference ID and total when creating a new payment via an API call. If the original payment was successful, X-Payments won’t allow the second one come through to avoid refunds and chargebacks.
  • Removed ‘developer’ mode for HTTP shopping cart connections for security purposes.
  • Support for PHP 7.2.
  • New X-Payments API 1.9 returns all important payment details in a single API request instead of multiple API calls. As a result, the whole payment process has become faster. X-Payments won't send callbacks with that data because the connector module gets them itself via the API. Now the callbacks are sent only if the payment is changed in X-Payments by the store admin or by a callback from a payment gateway.

Fixed Bugs

  • SMS code re-sending didn’t work immediately after 30 seconds. Fixed.
  • Outdated Kount logs were not deleted by cron (automatically after certain period of time). Fixed.
  • In case of a connection error, a payment was considered as still being submitted in some cases. Fixed.
  • Administrators with access to edit payment configurations still couldn’t update antifraud settings for them. Fixed.

Upgrading Instructions

If your X-Payments runs v1.x, v2.x or v3.0.x, you should first upgrade to v3.1.0 or v3.1.1 and only after this to v3.1.2.

Our support team upgrades X-Payments Hosted accounts free of charge. They do it as soon as every new version is available. So, you don't have to think about it. If you are subscribed to any X-Payments Hosted plan, your account has already been upgraded.

Owners of X-Payments Downloadable should upgrade their stores themselves following the instructions here, or buy a support service in their Help Desk account and have it upgraded by our support team.