WooCommerce X-Payments Cloud Connector Plugin Installation and X-Payments Cloud Account Signup

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To start using X-Payments Cloud with your eCommerce website built with WooCommerce, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to page https://www.x-payments.com/trial on X-Payments website and select your platform: WooCommerce. The page that opens will provide basic getting started instructions and a link to download the X-Payments connector plugin for WooCommerce. Download the plugin.
  2. Install the plugin into your WooCommerce based store as is explained here: https://www.dummies.com/web-design-development/wordpress/templates-themes-plugins/how-to-install-wordpress-plugins-manually/
    As a result, you will be able to find the plugin “WooCommerce X-Payments Cloud connector (Beta)” on your list of installed plugins in the Plugins section.
    Wcxp plugin installed.png
  3. In your WooCommerce based store admin panel, go to WooCommerce > Settings:
    Wcxp settings.png
  4. Switch to the ‘’’Payments’’’ tab:
    Wcxp payments tab.png
  5. On the list of your store’s payment methods, locate the X-Payments Cloud method.
    Wcxp xpcloud method.png
  6. Choose to manage this method by clicking the respective Manage button:
    Wcxp manage xpcloud method.png
    On the page that opens, a signup form will be provided.
    Wcxp xpc account signup.png
  7. Start the signup process to create an X-Payments Cloud account:
    In the field Your email, specify the email address that you are going to use for the X-Payments Cloud account administrator.
    In the field Account name, specify your desired account name.
    After completing the above fields, click Create account.
    This will initiate the creation of an X-Payments Cloud account for you and start your 14 day trial period. No commitment and no credit card are required during the trial period.
    The creation of your X-Payments account is likely to take a few seconds. During this time you will see a screen like the following:
    Wcxp cooking.png
    In the end, you will be prompted to set a password for your X-Payments Cloud account:
    Wcxp set password.png
  8. Enter your desired password and type it once again for confirmation. Be sure to click Submit. For your convenience, a link to Strong password generator is provided.
  9. After setting the password, complete 2-step user authentication setup for your account:
    Wcxp set 2step.png
    Detailed info on setting up 2-step user authentication methods in X-Payments Cloud is available in the X-Payments Cloud manual
    Note that after your X-Payments Cloud account has been created, within 15 minutes you will receive an email message with the subject "Welcome to X-Payments!". In this message you will find a link to confirm your X-Payments Cloud registration email address. You have 24 hours to confirm your email address using that link. If the email address is not confirmed until that time, your X-Payments Cloud account will be locked. (“Locked” means that you will be able to sign in but will not have access to any sensitive information or settings). Important: The email confirmation link expires in 24 hours. If you use the link after it has expired, you will get an error message. In this case, you will still be able to confirm your email address and unlock your account: sign in to the X-Payments Cloud admin panel, use the button to request a new email confirmation link, wait for the email message with the confirmation link to be sent to your inbox, then use the link to confirm your email address.
    Your X-Payments Cloud trial will be available to you for 14 days. After this time your account will be deactivated, but not yet deleted. You will know your X-Payments Cloud trial period has expired if the X-Payments Cloud settings page in your WooCommerce based store Admin panel says "Your trial period has expired".
    If you purchase an X-Payments subscription within the 30 days following your trial expiration, you will regain access to your X-Payments Cloud account and all the settings you have configured in it. After the 30 day period, your account will be deleted permanently, and all the information associated with it will be lost.
    Information on the available X-Payments subscription plans can be found here: https://www.x-payments.com/pricing
    Once your WooCommerce based store has been connected to X-Payments Cloud, you need to go to X-Payments Cloud and configure it as you require. For more information on this, see Getting Started Using X-Payments Cloud with WooCommerce.

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