X-Payments:Canceling payments when using X-Payments with Zoey

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In the "Authorize" workflow - as opposed to the "Authorize and capture" workflow - it is possible to cancel (void) a payment before it has been captured. For example, if you have a payment for which an invoice was created with the "Not Capture" payment option, you can cancel it via the invoice page.

To cancel a payment:

  1. In the Admin panel, select Sales > Orders:
    Zoey orders.png

  2. In the Orders list, locate the order for which you want to cancel a payment and click to open the order details.
    Zoey order100000004.png

  3. In the Navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select the Invoices tab. This opens a list of invoices pertaining to the order. Locate the invoice you need to cancel and click to open it.
    Zoey 100000004 navigation invoices.png

  4. In the upper right of the Invoice page, click the Cancel button.
    Zoey order100000004 invoice cancel button.png

    The authorization to capture the invoice amount will be voided. The invoice status will be updated to Canceled.
    Zoey order100000004 invoice canceled.png

    In X-Payments, you should be able to find the respective Void transaction with the status Voided. The status of the payment in X-Payments should be updated to Declined by merchant.