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The following procedure assumes that:

After configuring the connection to your Zoey store in X-Payments, log in to your Zoey store Control Panel and complete the connection on the Zoey end.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Control Panel of your Zoey store.
  2. Go to Set-up -> Payment:
    Zoey setup payment.png

  3. Locate the X-Payments payment method and choose to configure it by clicking the Configure button.
    Zoey xpayments configure.png

    The page showing how to connect X-Payments with Zoey in three easy steps opens:
    Zoey 3steps.png

  4. Click the "Configure X-Payments connector" button:
    Zoey configure xp connector.png

    This opens the Connection settings section:
    Zoey connection.png

  5. In the details of your Zoey online store in the X-Payments back end, copy your X-Payments configuration bundle and paste it into the respective box in your Zoey Control Panel. Click Deploy.
    Zoey connection1.png
    In a couple of seconds, the configuration bundle will be deployed. You should see a page like the following:
    Zoey connected successfully.png

  6. Check the list of payment methods that have been imported from X-Payments. On the screenshot below you can see that a single payment method has been imported - "Authorize.Net":
    Zoey authnet method imported.png

    If you need to add more payment methods that will work for your Zoey store via X-Payments, you will have to add them in X-Payments and use the Re-import payment methods button in the Zoey store to import them.
    Zoey re-import button.png

    To quickly access the X-Payments page where you can add more payment methods, use the "Add payment method" link.
    Zoey add method link.png
    It is possible to add up to three payment methods.

  7. If you look at the details of the payment method "Authorize.Net" we have imported from X-Payments, you will see that it is set to work using the currency "USD".
    Zoey authnet usd currency.png

    The currency is set in X-Payments, and should you want to change the currency used, you will want to do that via the payment configuration settings on the X-Payments end, after which you will have to re-import the payment method settings into your Zoey store with the Re-import payment methods button.

  8. Also note the "Save cards" checkbox for the imported Authorize.Net payment method.
    Zoey authnet save cards.png

    The presence of this checkbox means that the method allows the use of saved credit cards. If you want to allow your customers to save credit cards for future use at your store using this payment method, keep the checkbox enabled. In this case, registered customers will be provided with an option to save their credit card details for future orders - either during checkout or at any other time via the "MY PAYMENT CARDS" section of their account.
    Note: The credit card details will be saved in a PCI compliant manner (by your payment service provider, not by your Zoey store itself). After having their credit card details saved, customers will be able to use their saved credit cards for new orders. You - as the store administrator - will also be able to use your customers' saved credit cards to create orders for your customers via the Zoey store Control Panel.

    If you do not want to allow the use of saved credit cards using this method, unselect the checkbox. In this case, your customers will not be able to save their cards or use them for payment.

  9. After the deployment of the configuration bundle, the payment methods imported from X-Payments are not active for your Zoey store yet. (Note the unchecked checkbox in the first column on the left opposite the payment method name "Authorize.Net". Also note the option "Disable X-Payments payment method" which is currently enabled):
    Zoey disable xp payment method.png

    To be able to use the imported methods, you will need to activate them. To activate a payment method, select the checkbox in the first column on the left opposite the method name.
    Zoey enable authnet.png

  10. After selecting the checkbox to enable a payment method, you get access to the method configuration settings. For example, after we selected the checkbox for Authorize.Net, two additional sections appeared on the payment methods page:
    Zoey 2sections.png

    Note that with a greater number of imported payment methods you will get more settings sections (a section for each imported payment method + one more section for "Use saved credit card").
    Zoey 2methods 3sections.png
    You can use the settings in these sections to fine-tune the way the respective payment methods will look and work for your Zoey store customers. For example, you can rename the methods or change the sort order in which they appear to the customer at checkout. For payment methods like Authorize.Net, the following settings can be adjusted:
    • Title: This field can be used to set the name for the payment method - as it should be seen by your Zoey store users. The name entered into this field will replace the name imported from X-Payments.
    • Use forced authorize operation (Work only for non-recurring product order): This setting determines how the buyer's credit card is charged when they pay you using this method:
      If this is set to Yes, a two-step process is used in which the authorization of payment is separated from the capture of the authorized payment. At the time of the initial transaction, you perform only an authorization on the buyer's card without actually capturing the funds. This corresponds to the payment status "Authorized" in X-Payments and the status "X-Payments Pending payment" in the Zoey store. Later you need to take additional steps to capture the funds or void the authorization.
      If this is set to No, an actual charge is made on the buyer's card as soon as the buyer's payment information is processed by the payment gateway - without any further interaction on your part. In X-Payments the status of such payments appears as "Charged", which corresponds to the Zoey status "Processing".
      Some payment gateways do not support two-step payments with separate authorization and capture, so if you wish to choose the "Use forced Authorize operation" option, make sure your payment gateway supports this feature.
      The option "Use forced Authorize operation" can be used to override the value of the "Initial transaction" setting of the payment configuration used by your Zoey store - as provided on the respective Payment configuration details page in X-Payments: Setting "Use forced Authorize operation" to Yes in Zoey allows you to have a two-step payment process with separate authorization and capture - even if the payment configuration in X-Payments is configured to use the "Auth and capture" mode for the initial transaction.
    • Use forced authorize operation for recurring products: This setting is similar to "Use forced Authorize operation", but applies only to the initial fee of products with recurring profiles.
    • Sort order: This setting can be used to adjust the order in which payment method should be displayed at checkout. The required sort order position for the payment method can be set by entering the desired position number into this field. The smaller the number, the higher the position of the payment method on the list.
    • Payment from applicable countries: If necessary, you can use this setting to specify the countries for which this payment method should work.
  11. Be sure to click the Save config button after making any changes to the configuration of your payment methods.
    Zoey save config button.png

  12. After adjusting the settings for the payment methods enabled in your Zoey store via X-Payments, you should check two more sections in the Zoey Control Panel: Connection settings and Save credit card setup.
    Let's begin with the Connection settings section:
    Zoey connect settings.png

    On this page you can see some information that was received by your Zoey store via the deployment of the X-Payments configuration bundle (like the X-Payments URL or the IP addresses for X-Payments callbacks). There are also some X-Payments related settings that you should check and adjust as you require. The set of fields is as follows:
    • X-Payments URL: URL where X-Payments is installed. This info is received automatically via the X-Payments configuration bundle.
    • Use iframe: This setting determines what method will be used to provide the form for entering credit card details to the buyer. Select Yes if you want the form to be displayed in your Zoey store using iFrame; in this case, the form will be embedded into your store's page. Select No if you want this form to be provided to the buyer on a separate page, without the use of iFrame.
    • Show credit card form at: (This field is not displayed if you have previously saved the settings with the option No selected in the "Use iFrame" field. If this is the case, to access to the field "Show credit card form at" again update the settings with "Use iFrame" set to Yes). This setting enables you to specify at what step of your Zoey store checkout routine the form for entering the customer's credit card information needs to appear. The available options are Order Review step and Payment Information step.
    • Single payment for admin created orders: This setting affects the order processing flow for admin created orders. If this option is enabled, a single attempt to pay for an order will be provided - that is, right after the order has been created by the admin. The order status will be set according to the payment result: "Processing" in the case of a positive response from the payment gateway, or "Canceled" in the case of a negative one. If this option is disabled, an admin-created order will initially get the status "Pending", which can then be updated to "Processing" even after several unsuccessful payment attempts.
    • New Order Status: The status that should be assigned to an order if the payment is successful.
    • Order status for declined payment: The status that should be assigned to an order if the payment gets declined.
  13. If you have made any changes to the Connection settings, be sure to click Update to save them.
  14. Check the section Save credit card setup.
    Zoey save cc setup.png

    Adjust the following settings:
    • Payment method: Select the payment method that should be used for save credit card setup.
    • Authorize amount for card setup: Specify the amount for which an authorization should be obtained on save credit card setup.
      Comment: When a customer chooses to save their credit card with your store for future payments, you need to run an authorization against their card to have the card details saved by the payment service provider and to obtain a token that will later have to be submitted for any future authorization/charge requests for that customer to use their card for payment. By default the Zoey X-Payments integration performs a zero value authorization on the customer's card in this case. However, some payment service providers do not support zero value authorizations. If this is the case with the PSP you are using, you need to specify a non-zero amount value in the "Authorize amount for card setup" field according to the requirements of your PSP so you can obtain non-zero value authorizations.
    • Description of the card setup payment: Specify a description that should be used for save credit card setup authorizations. Your Zoey store will send this value to your payment gateway. You and your customers will see it in the bank statement.
  15. If you have made any changes to the settings in the Save credit card setup section, be sure to click Update to save them.

That's it. You have connected your Zoey store to X-Payments.