X-Payments:Configuring X-Payments to skip the 2nd step of user authentication

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If you log in to X-Payments most of the time from the same device, you may want X-Payments to remember you temporarily on that device and disable the 2nd step of user authentication for you for two weeks. This can be easily achieved by enabling the option "Skip this for two weeks" which you can see at the second step of user authentication below the field for entering one-time passwords for user authentication:
Xp3 2step ga skip.png
After you log in for the first time with this option activated, X-Payments remembers your device and stops asking you for one-time passwords when you use that device to log in. You can view the list of devices "remembered" by your X-Payments in the section "Devices data for 2nd step authentication":
Xp3 2step ga skip1.png
To access the list of devices for which the 2nd step of user authentication is skipped, click on the section name (which is a link); the list of devices will be expanded below:
Xp3 2step ga skip2.png
You can clear the list at any time by clicking the Clear device data button:
Xp3 2step ga skip3.png
After you clear the list, X-Payments will use full-featured two-step authentication for you on all devices again.