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Starting from API version 1.9, the Detailed payment and transaction information request and response are identical to the Payment information request and response.

Request specification

Field Required Type Description
target Y string, 128 Must equal payment
action Y string, 128 Must equal get_additional_info
txnId Y string, 32 A unique payment ID received in the payment initialisation request response
refresh N 0 or 1 (Only API 1.9 and later) A flag specifying that the data in X-Payments must be overwritten by the data from the payment gateway. By default - 0
api_version Y string Must equal one of the following: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 etc.

Request example


Response specification

Field Type Description
payment container See Payment information request
transactions container Transaction list
transactions/date integer, 11 Transaction date (Unix timestamp)
transactions/action string, 255 Transaction name. In API 1.8, for consecutive identical transactions a note "(X attempts)" is added to this field, where X is the number of repetitive transactions. transactions/status string, 255 Transaction status
transactions/message string, 65536 Gateway transaction message
transactions/total string, 32 Transaction amount and currency
transactions/txnid string, 255 Gateway transaction unique ID
transactions/payment_status string, 255 The payment status after the transaction
transactions/fields container Transaction additional fields list
transactions/fields/name string, 255 Field name
transactions/fields/name string, 255 Field value
transactions/attempts integer Only available in API 1.9. Number of attempts of consecutive identical transactions.

Response example

    <message>Payment is charged</message>
      <AVS>1: Cardholder name matches</AVS>
      <CVV2>M: CVV2 / CVC2/CVD Match.</CVV2>
  <transactions type="cell">
    <message>Transaction Normal</message>
    <total>100 USD</total>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>Authorization number</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <value>1: Cardholder name matches</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>Bank message</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>Bank response code</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <value>M: CVV2 / CVC2/CVD Match.</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>Processing status</name>
      <value>Transaction Normal</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>Transarmor Token</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] 702650</name>
      <value>Distance from Device to Billing > 1000km</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] 702656</name>
      <value>Billing Country not equal to BIN Country (Visa/MC)</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] 702662</name>
      <value>Billing Country not equal to Device Country</value>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] Auto</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] Score</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[Kount] Transaction ID</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[NoFraud] Decision</name>
    <fields type="cell">
      <name>[NoFraud] Transaction ID</name>

The following pertains to API 1.5 and later:
If the transaction was checked by Kount antifraud screening service, the "advinfo" and "tansaction/fields" containers contain information of kount results. The field names related to Kount start with the [Kount] prefix. The information can be extracted as follows:

Field Description
[Kount] %%%%%, where %%%%% is some number triggered rule, the number is the number of this rule
[Kount] Auto The status of the transaction in Kount ("R" - review, "D" - declined, "A" - approved)
[Kount] Errors list of errors (if any)
[Kount] Warnings: list of warnings (if any)
[Kount] Score Risk score
[Kount] Transaction ID Transaction ID in Kount, can be used to display the direct link to the transaction in Kount, https://awc.test.kount.net/workflow/detail.html?id=%%%%%% for test mode or https://awc.kount.net/workflow/detail.html?id=%%%%%%, where %%%%% should be replaced with the transaction ID