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Important: Developer mode was implemented in X-Payments 3.1.0 and was available in X-Payments until the release of version 3.1.3, in which it was removed. In newer X-Payments versions, Developer mode is no longer available. According to some sources, this mode does not fully comply with the PCI standards as it involves using HTTP instead of HTTPS, even though the use of HTTP happens during the development/testing stage. However, if you need an X-Payments instance on a separate HTTP server, for testing or development needs, you can create a free SSL certificate for testing purposes at https://letsencrypt.org/.

Developer mode can be used to access X-Payments via HTTP (without the use of HTTPS) and to communicate with the store using a self-signed SSL certificate.

Important: Real credit cards should never be processed while in Developer mode. This results in PA-DSS non-compliance.

In Developer mode, special marks are displayed on the credit card form during checkout to warn the user against entering their real payment info.

Xp31 devmode watermark.png

To activate Developer mode in X-Payments:

  1. Go to the 'General settings' page (Settings -> General settings).
    Xp31 devmode general settings.png

  2. Scroll down to the 'Developer mode' section.
    Xp31 devmode section.png

  3. Select the 'Activate developer mode' box and click Save.
    Xp31 devmode save.png

Your X-Payments general settings will be updated, and Developer mode will be activated.

To disable Developer mode, uncheck the 'Activate developer mode' box and click Save.