X-Payments:PCI compliant credit card saving on behalf of a customer

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If using Magento Connector 1.8.0 or later, the Magento store administrator has the ability to save credit cards into customer profiles on behalf of customers.

To save a credit card to a customer profile:

  1. In your Magento store Admin panel, find the customer for whom you need to save a payment card and choose to Edit their profile.
    Xp magento edit customer.png

  2. In the Customer Information section, select the Payment cards tab:
    Xp magento customer payment cards.png

  3. Click the Add new button to add a new card:
    Xp magento customer payment cards add new.png

  4. On the page that opens, a form for submitting payment card details will be provided.
    Xp magento customer payment cards add new1.png

    Use this form to enter the payment card information and click Save payment card.

    It is also possible to enter the details of a new payment card and save it to a customer's profile when creating a new order/editing an existing order on behalf of the customer in the Magento Admin area.

    Important: You should never attempt saving actual payment card information while in Developer mode! This results in PCI incompliance.