X-Payments:PCI compliant credit card saving on behalf of a customer (Zoey)

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If using the X-Payments Zoey Connector 1.8.4 or later, the administrator of a Zoey online store has the ability to save credit cards into customer profiles on behalf of customers.

To save a credit card to a customer profile:

  1. In your Zoey store Control Panel, find the customer for whom you need to save a payment card and choose to edit their profile.
    Zoey select customer.png

  2. Select the Payment cards tab:
    Zoey payment cards.png

  3. Click the Add new button:
    Zoey payment cards add.png

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the payment card information.

  5. When done, be sure to save your changes.

    It is also possible to enter the details of a new payment card and save it to a customer's profile when creating a new order/editing an existing order on behalf of the customer in the Zoey Control Panel.

    Important: You should never attempt saving actual payment card information while in Developer mode! This results in PCI incompliance.