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When you enable the "Use saved credit cards" X-Payments payment method, your customers get the option to save their credit card details so they won't have to re-enter them every time they make a purchase at your store. Note that the option is available only to registered customers.

Credit card details are saved in a PCI compliant manner: no credit card information is stored in your Magento store; instead, the information is stored in a PCI compliant credit card vault of the payment system. Re-use of saved credit cards by your Magento store is made possible through the use of tokenization - an approach that replaces sensitive cardholder info with a unique identifier (a "token").

A Magento store configured to support credit card saving provides two places where a customer can choose to save their card: the checkout page and the section "MY PAYMENT CARDS" in the customer's user account.

The checkout page allows the customer to save the details of the credit card with which they are going to pay for the current purchase. If the secure credit card form is embedded into the checkout page as iFrame, the option "I want to save this credit card for my future orders in this shop" appears right beneath the credit card form and can be selected after completing the credit card details:
Save cc for future use.png

If the store is configured to display the secure credit card form on a separate page, the option "I want to save a credit card for my future orders in this shop" is displayed before the customer goes to the page with the credit card form:
Save cc for future use1.png

The "MY PAYMENT CARDS" section in the customer's account can be accessed by selecting ACCOUNT -> My Account -> MY PAYMENT CARDS:
My payment cards link.png

The customer can use this section to add new cards and manage the cards they have saved previously:
Add manage saved cards.png

When a customer has at least one saved credit card, they can use it to pay for orders. This is done using the "Use saved credit cards (X-Payments)" payment method:
Use saved cc method cust.png

When the customer has more than one saved credit card, they can choose which of the credit cards to use:
Use saved cc method cust1.png