X-Payments:Reviewing payment information for X-Payments orders when using X-Payments with Magento 2

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You can easily find orders that were paid for via X-Payments and get all the payment related information you require:

  1. In the Administrator panel of your Magento 2 store, go to the Orders section (Sales->Orders):
    Magento2 sales orders.png

  2. Make sure the set of active columns for your Orders table includes the column "Payment Method". If not, select Columns and put a check mark in the Payment Method checkbox.
    Magento2 order columns.png

    Your Orders table should now have a column with information regarding the payment method that was used for each order:
    Magento2 order columns1.png

    You can tell that an order was paid for using X-Payments if the Payment Method column for this order shows the title of your X-Payments payment method. The X-Payments payment method title can be adjusted in your store's X-Payments Connection settings (Stores->X-Payments Connector).
  3. Use the sorting and filtering features to locate the order for which you wish to review the payment information. Click anywhere on the table row of that order to view the order details. There you will find the order payment information.

For example, let's have a look at the details of Order 000000246. To review the detailed information pertaining to this order, we click on the line of this order in the Orders table:

Magento2 order000000246.png

The Information page for Order 000000246 opens:

Magento2 order000000246 info.png

We see that the Order Status is currently "Processing". If we scroll down the page to the Payment & Shipping Method section, we'll find out that the order was paid for using the payment method "Payment method (xpc1)", which is the title of the X-Payments-enabled payment method in our store, and that the payment currency was USD.

Magento2 order000000246 payment info.png

If we scroll further down the page, we will see more detailed information regarding all the payment related operations for the order:

Magento2 order000000246 status and transactions.png

From the information provided here, we can infer that the payment was made in the "Authorize and capture" mode, which resulted in that the order amount ($82.00) was captured online at the time of order placement. Knowing the transaction ID (in our case, "f1a51be167d0b31d9c54bbf138e5c8c2") allows us to identify the respective transaction in the Transactions section of the order details in the Magento 2 store Administrator panel and in X-Payments.

For a detailed view of the order transactions, we recommend using the Transactions section:

Magento2 order000000246 transactions.png