X-Payments:V3.1.6 Released

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List of changes:

  • Added support for new JCB card number ranges.
  • Fixed issues with Kount Data Collector.
  • Increased the max request size for api/callback calls.
  • Added the X-Payments Demo Pay payment method (intended for test transactions only).
  • Corrected multi-capture operations in the PayPal PayFlow integration.
  • Added a sign up link for SagePay.
  • Updated CardinalCommerce contact information.
  • Added a button to open a chat window with HelpDesk.
  • Added support for switching test/live modes for the Global Payments (ex-Realex) integration.
  • Fixed error response parsing in the VirtualMerchantMPF integration.
  • Corrected parsing of the unexpected response from the BlueSnap integration.
  • Added WIR Euro (CHE) to the list of supported currencies.
  • Implemented minor updates for the Intuit QuickBooks Payments integration.
  • CyberSource: Added new tokenization schemes. Fixed issues with trademarks in item names.
  • The ReferenceID parameter was not passed to QuickPay. Fixed.
  • eProcessing integration: payment token was not updated when capturing. Fixed.
  • It was possible to set the “Retention period” setting to 0, which made payments work improperly. Fixed.
  • Security improvements.
  • Other small changes.