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Recently we’ve added multiple updates to X-Payments Connector for X-Cart Classic. Most likely you’ve read about a couple of most significant of them in X-Cart 4.7.8 release announcement. This article is to tell you about all the new changes.

X-Payments Connector Improvements and Fixes

The new connector comes with the following issues fixed:

  • PHP error when iframe is disabled;
  • Charge instead of authorization when saving a card in customer’s profile;
  • Problems related to address book editing from the administrator back-end side;
  • Checkout freezing when switching between shipping methods with the same fee;
  • Redirect to empty cart after failed recharge.

Also, now it supports API 1.7 to get the payment fraud check data (from NoFraud/ Signifyd) and made some security updates.

Starting from X-Payments 3.1.0 the allowed callback IP address will be included in the Configuration bundle. The new connector will be able to recognize this data and use accordingly in X-Cart.

X-Payments Subscriptions and Installments Module Update

We’ve optimized the process of assigning credit cards to subscriptions. Now your customers can pick a credit card among those saved in their profile to be used for a new subscription instead of adding the card details manually. Besides, they can update the credit card used for the existing subscription at any time without the need to stop it and re-subscribe with the new card.

Previously, a subscription started only after the payment was captured. If you want it to start as soon as the payment is authorized, you can do so due to the additional new setting.

If and anonymous customer adds a subscription product to cart, he will be able to complete an order only after login or signup.

The update of this feature includes a couple of fixes, too: the one related to extra pending orders upon Subscriptions cron execution and another one related to subscription failed payments issues.

In order to start using the new features, make sure you upgrade the modules. You’re welcome to contact us at support@x-payments.com for assistance.