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X-Payments Connector v1.8.14 for Zoey

This time, we’re releasing a huge upgrade of X-Payments Connector for your Zoey store. New excellent features, API 1.9 support, bug fixes and more. Let’s take a closer look here.

As always, the detailed overview of the updates is followed by the changelog for the techies.

Updates and Improvements

Maybe there are not so many of them but this is the situation when quality outweighs quantity a good deal.

Admin Backend

Mass-delete action used to fail for saved payment cards in some cases. We located the origin of the issue and fixed it.

There was an issue with the warning buttons at the order page – at times, they didn’t show up and the admin couldn’t accept or decline the payment. Sometimes, the warning message didn’t pop up, either, for suspicious transactions. Both of them were caused by the same bug – we took care of it, so now they work properly.

Another major issue was related to capturing payments in secondary currency.

For example, a customer places an order for 100 CAD, which equals 80 USD (I’m rounding up for convenience). The amount captured was 80 instead of 100, which caused wrong calculations and complicated matters if the payment had to be refunded. That was a complex issue with how Zoey handled currency conversion. We went ahead and fixed it so the amount captured is now calculated properly.


Apart from the overall performance, security, and speed optimization, we addressed a number of issues that occurred in the previous versions.

The link to saved payment cards used to disappear in the customer profiles. We corrected the appearance.

We have improved cart/quote state for the declined payment. Previously, if a payment failed for some reason, the cart used to be cleaned and the customer redirected elsewhere. (Elsewhere, I swear!)

From now on the client will stay at checkout and can try and pay once more. Besides, the errors are logged properly for future investigation.

Further, we went on to correct shipping address processing. There was an issue with sending it to Signifyd the anti-fraud service, which resulted in wrong payment “suspiciousness” calculations.

Internal and Processing

First of all, we have added support for API 1.9.

Second of all, we optimized payment processing and order placing procedures. They now take less time and back-and-forth requesting.

Caching of the communication between X-Payments and your Zoey store was implemented, which allowed us to optimize it a little bit more.

Logging was improved, too. Well, in fact, we started logging more details so in case an error occurs (God forbid!), we’ll know at once what happened and how to fix it.

cc_trans_id for successful payment sent by the payment gateway or the bank – the one that follows the failed transaction – used to fail registering in the database. This, in turn, caused troubles with the third-party systems integrated with your store. They couldn’t get the necessary data and failed to work properly, too. As always, we defined the origin and fixed it.

Faulty responses for callback requests caused jams in communication between X-Payments Connector and X-Payments itself. We did our magic and it’s now flawless.

We have corrected occasional mis-reference with quotes and orders. To give you a clue of what happened, please imagine a rare situation. A client and the store admin create orders each on their end at the same time – without submitting the payment.

In such cases, the database couldn’t handle the flow of data and did crazy stuff.

We addressed the issue. Now you still can’t create the two orders simultaneously, but the database can now manage such situations without losing it.

And the last update for today is for us, developers, mainly. We removed the long unused PHP docs and corrected comments in code.

Changelog 1.8.14

Now you've scrolled down to the promised changelog (or jumped straight here :) ), so no more details, just facts.

Admin Backend:

  • Corrected mass-delete action for saved payment cards.
  • Corrected amount for capture and refund in secondary currency.
  • Corrected appearance of the warning buttons on the order page.


  • Security, performance optimizations and bug-fixes at checkout.
  • Corrected appearance of the Payment Cards link and pages.
  • Improved cart/quote state for the declined payment. Customer stays at checkout correctly in this case.
  • Corrected shipping address processing (affects Signifyd anti-fraud service).

Internal and Processing:

  • API 1.9 support.
  • Optimization of the payment processing and order placing procedure.
  • Caching of the communication between X-Payments and the Store implemented.
  • Improved logging.
  • Correct cc_trans_id for successful payment which follows the failed one.
  • Fixed responding for callback requests (headers already sent error).
  • Corrected occasional mis-reference with quotes and orders.
  • Removed unused PHP-docs. Corrected comments.


We are proud of our work today with the updated version of X-Payments Connector for Zoey. Hope you appreciate the optimized performance and improved looks.

You are welcome to upgrade anytime now.