XP Cloud:Dec 07, 2021 - X-Payments Cloud update has been released

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An X-Payments Cloud update has been released!

New instances will already have this update whereas the existing ones will be upgraded within a week or so. Once the upgrade is complete, an update of X-Cart connector module will be released to support the new features.


  • Added a new feature for subscriptions: Trial period.
  • Added support for Fraud Management Tools in the Braintree module.
  • Added support for new payment gateways: Global Payments and PayPal REST API.
  • Added more options for Kount decline result handling.
  • Cybersource 3-D secure could fail to operate properly in some cases. Fixed.
  • Cybersource could fail to operate with Google Pay properly when PAN ONLY mode was disabled. Fixed.
  • Moneris eSelect rebills were always preauth regardless of settings. Fixed.
  • Moneris eSelect tokenization was not working in some cases. Fixed.
  • Card Setup was not working for SagePay, Bambora, PayGate SA, BillriantPay when 3-D Secure was enabled. Fixed.
  • PsiGate transactions were failing if there was a difference between the grand total and the sum of line item totals (which may occur when taxes are calculated). Fixed.
  • WorldPay Corporate Gateway was not working properly. Fixed.
  • Added USD currency support for QuickPay.
  • QuickPay was not working properly for some cards. Fixed.
  • Other minor improvements.

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