XP Cloud:Dec 17, 2021 - X-Payments Cloud connector update has been released

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We are glad to announce that X-Payments Cloud connector update has been released!


  • Added support for the Trial period feature for subscriptions.
  • Apple Pay was not working properly in some cases with Fast Lane Checkout. Fixed.
  • There was a submit error with Fast Lane Checkout in some cases. Fixed.
  • If the default currency was changed after saving a card, rebills could be in an invalid currency. Fixed.
  • The Apple Pay button in One Page Checkout was too thin and was showing an incorrect title. Fixed.
  • Fixed the appearance of the HTML entities in the shipping rates for Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • The "My account" header was missing on customer account page tabs. Fixed.
  • Fixed the "Column reverse cannot be null" error.
  • Other minor UI improvements.