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X-Cart 5 & X‑Payments

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Seamless integration into X-Cart 5 checkout

X-Cart 5 and X-Payments - quick overview

Need to accept credit cards on your website? Want to have a streamlined checkout routine?And still be PCI compliant?

PCI compliant credit card storing in X-Cart 5

Looking for ways to make repeat orders easy for your numerous returning customers?Selling services where the final price is not known until after the service has been rendered?

X-Cart 5 AOM and X-Payments used together

Ever get phone calls from returning customers who want you to take their order and accept payment for it using their credit card on file? Frequently find yourself in a situation when you need to charge a customer for the difference after adding new products to their orders?

X-Cart 5 and X-Payments - Subscriptions

Selling subscriptions for products or services that you deliver to customers periodically?