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Start using X-Payments for your business and automatically get access to ready-made integrations with various payment providers and systems, fraud screening apps and other integrations and features through a single API. It’s PSD2/SCA ready and PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.

Using X-Payments allows you to integrate it once and get access to a variety of payment processors, fraud screening services, and handy features:
one or many at a time. It allows you to add or switch between providers and solutions by simply checking the right boxes in the backend.

  • Left Integrated Payments Providers
  • Left Fraud Screening
  • Left Secure Authentication
  • Left Reduced PCI Compliance Costs for Your Online Business.

How It Works

When processing online credit card payments, X-Payments works as an intermediary between an API integrated application on one side and payment gateways and 3D-Secure systems on the other side, implementing the PCI compliant secure layer that works with credit card data and keeps your applications and systems out of the PCI scope.

Payment scheme Payment scheme

Easy Access to Payment Providers, Various Payment Methods, Fraud Screenings, 3D Secure Applications

Save Your Time, Money, and Effort by Using the Ready-made Integrations and Smart Features in X-Payments.

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