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We have released a fresh X-Payments v. 3.1.3. We’ve addressed a few annoying bugs, so update is strongly recommended.

Bug Fixes

  • 3-D secure. In some cases, the trigger used to miscount payment attempts and cause issues placing an order again after one unsuccessful payment attempt. Fixed.
  • Duplicate payments issue. In some cases, payments that were detected as duplicate and removed from the system used to show up again. Fixed.
  • Cardholder data key regeneration. In one of the previous versions we implemented automatic cardholder key regeneration but the system used to send out numerous reminder emails of expired data key. We fixed the issue and the key regeneration process is now fully automated.
  • Expired authorization issue. Records of expired authorizations for a disabled or deleted shopping cart remained in the system and used to prevent cron from completing. Fixed.
  • State field issue in Bluesnap. The system used to send information from the state field regardless of the country causing errors in processing payments for countries that do not have any state. Fixed.
  • Bambora: bugs in 3-D Secure process. Fixed.
  • NMI. The system did not receive CVV check results. Fixed.
  • Realex, Elavon (Realex API), Global Iris: issues with tokenization. Fixed.
  • Bundle configuration. Clicking the button used to create a copy of bundle configuration. Fixed.

Apart from fixing bugs we are constantly working on enhancing X-Payments.


  • Expired authorization. In previous versions of X-Payments, payments that were in ‘Authorized’ status for 30 days were automatically marked as ‘Void’. Now it checks the status of the payment with the issuing bank before considering it void.
  • NMI: improved response parsing.
  • Worldpay Direct: we added GBP to the supported currencies list.
  • API. Providing shipping address is now not required to initiate a payment or can be partially filled in. Also we corrected minor issues with response for API recharge request.

We implemented a number of other minor changes and improvements as well.

IMPORTANT: We will be performing software upgrades for X-Payments Hosted users starting July,16 – free of charge, of course.

If you use X-Payments Enterprise v. 3.x, please find the upgrade pack in the File Area section in HelpDesk. Upgrade Instructions. You are always welcome to submit a request for our support team, should you need any help performing the upgrade.

If you use X-Payments Enterprise v. 1.x - 2.x, you will need to upgrade your X-Payments license first. Please contact our specialists for assistance.