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A Magento store can be connected to X-Payments web-based payment application to process payments from customers and save their credit card data in a PCI DSS compliant way.

This section provides information on how to connect X-Payments to your Magento store and how to handle payments in your Magento store using X-Payments.

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Connecting Magento to X-Payments

Using X-Payments with Magento: Customer experience

Using X-Payments with Magento: Administrator experience

Recurring Billing in Magento with X-Payments

Export of order information to StoneEdge Order Manager

Starting with version 1.7.0, the X-Payments connector for Magento supports export of payment information (stuff like transaction IDs, the last four digits of the credit card number, etc.) to StoneEdge Order Manager. If you use X-Payments with Magento and need to export information about payments conducted via X-Payments to StoneEdge Order Manager, contact the X-Payments team for help.