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Magento v1.x and X-Payments

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Magento connector can be downloaded via Magento Marketplace or here.

Integrates with One Step Checkout by OneStepCheckout.com

Integrates with Firecheckout

Integrates with AheadWorks OneStepCheckout

Exports to Stone Edge order manager

PCI compliant credit card processing

Process credit card payments right on your website, control your entire checkout routine and stay PCI compliant at the same time.

PCI compliant credit card saving

Let your customers save their credit card info for future use at your store. A customer's saved credit card info can be used both when the customer places a new order by themselves and when you create a new order or change an existing one for them via the admin panel.

Sell subscriptions

With X-Payments your store's shoppers can buy all types of products in the same basket: simple, configurable, subscriptions, etc.

Advanced Order Management

What if a customer wants to add an item to an order they have placed? Not a problem for X-Payments: just add the item to the customer's existing order and charge the difference.
Need to refund a payment? X-Payments can do the job for you!