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How to connect X-Payments to X-Cart 5

  1. Go into your X-Cart 5 back-end -> Store setup -> Payment methods and add an X-Payments payment method there

  2. Once X-Payments Cloud page loads enter your details and hit “Create account” button.

How to connect X-Payments to Magento 1.x

  1. Install X-Payments Cloud connector via the Magento Marketplace

  2. Go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> X-Payments Cloud

  3. Enter your details and hit "Create account" button.

How to connect X-Payments to WooCommerce

  1. Download X-Payments connector plugin for WooCommerce via this link.

  2. Install it into your WooCommerce-based store as explained here.

  3. After the module is installed go into X-Payments connector settings in WooCoommerce and create your X-Payments account from there.

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