New Connector 1.8.0 for Magento released – more flexible and user-friendly

New Connector 1.8.0 for Magento released – more flexible and user-friendly

It’s a known fact that fine-tuned checkout is a basic premise for conversions growth. With that in mind, we started working on the 1.8.0 Connector for Magento and designed it with care about the store administrator, buyers, and developers.

You’ll love the convenience of payments setup and management, while your customer will appreciate the enhanced shopping experience.

Handy payments management for administrator

  • The whole X-Payments connection and configuration process now on the same page in your Magento back-end instead of multiple pages. It’s much quicker and clearer. See it for yourself in this video.
  • Saving credit cards into customer profiles on behalf of customers to simplify their future purchases in the store.
  • Entering new credit cards on behalf of customers to pay for new orders created in Magento back-end – another great feature to help buyers complete their orders then and there.
  • Access to ‘Saving credit card’ setup”: set authorized amount and the transaction description.
  • Redesigned “X-Payments Order State” page allows doing partial refunds/voids and capturing authorized funds right in your store back-end.
  • Full support of the Magento’s Roles and Permissions tool allows partial or complete restriction of access to X-Payments Connector features.
  • New “Developer Mode” (use HTTP protocol) for testing/development environment without SSL support.

Smooth checkout for your customers to get more completed orders

  • Ability to configure up to 3 payment gateways at a time – offer a wider choice of payment options to your customers on checkout.
  • Clear credit cards saving process and improved errors handling.
  • Reserved discount coupons if the transaction is declined. Previously such transactions consumed the coupon.
  • Full support of One Step Checkout module by AheadWorks (beta).
  • Corrected free shipping calculation for FireCheckout.
  • Faster callback requests processing followed by significant speed up of X-Payments checkout routine in your Magento store.
  • No more errors after switching the X-Payments Connector extension off.

Code re-factoring to help developers easier extend the module features

  • Decomposed common extension helper. This update made it possible to separate different features such as API communication, preparing cart data, address processing and module settings by different isolated helpers.
  • Re-worked functionality handled by the observer. We’ve changed it according to the MVC design, e.g. it’s a special API request from the certain controller that executes requests to charge the card again.
  • Corrected and simplified the inheritance tree. Internal quote model controls data transportation during payment processing, and it doesn’t affect quote class extensions made by other modules.
  • Removed unused legacy code and improved the code-style.
  • Corrected version in the internal config file.
  • Made other minor bug-fixes and improvements to ensure hassle-free work with X-Payments.

You’re welcome to download and try the new connector now. It’s already available in your Magento Connect. For any questions and suggestions do not hesitate to email at

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