X-Payments June 2024 updates

X-Payments June 2024 updates

X-Payments Cloud 4.9.4 update has been released.

What’s new:

Payment modules:

  • Corrected processing of empty response from Authorize.Net module
  • Added additional data for tokenization in Authorize.Net module
  • Reworked SiteID for Fiserv CloverConnect module
  • Added sign-up link for Fiserv Clover Connect module
  • Corrected deprecated warning in the FirstData module. Backwards compatibility with PHP 7.x
  • Fixed fatal error in Bluesnap module

Wallet payments:

  • Updated Google Pay certificates
  • Updated Apple Pay certificates

3-D Secure:

  • Corrected payment processing after unsuccessful 3-D Secure enrollment check
  • Implemented signature for CardinalCommerce 3-D Secure

AntiFraud Services:

  • Reworked NoFraud integration. Removed pre-gateway requests
  • Implemented Google ReCaptcha as an additional protection against so called “stolen card testers”

Two-factor authentication:

  • Updated Twilio SDK
  • Corrected PHP fatal error in generation of the image with backup codes
  • Updated GoogleAuthenticator library


  • The warning about using the demo method was truncated on the card addition page. Fixed
  • Implemented Antifraud to form and update script initialization so that it does not use jQuery
  • jQuery removed from payments module JS scripts
  • Removed strong password generator link


  • Improved “only tokenization” payment methods processing
  • PHP 8 compatibility
  • MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Corrected errors output

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