The Most Prominent X-Payments Updates in 2023

The Most Prominent X-Payments Updates in 2023

With new online payment trends regularly appearing in the eCommerce world, employing the latest features and practices is crucial for a smooth and secure transaction flow. The X-Payments team knows the importance of staying in the loop.

This is why we are glad to announce the latest X-Payments Cloud releases with newly launched and upgraded features to optimize your online store’s checkout for conversions.

What’s New in X-Payments Cloud?

In 2023, we released the 4.8.4, 4.8.5, 4.9.0, and 4.9.1 versions, where we introduced several new payment gateways, updated and improved the functionality of the existing ones with a bit of polish and bug fixing, improved the look & feel of the payment form at checkout, enhanced the security, and not just that!

For example, one of the crucial additions to X-Payments Cloud is the option to disable payment configuration for new transactions while keeping saved cards associated with this payment method enabled. This allows you to migrate safely from one payment processor to another.

So, let’s take a closer look at what is new in X-Payments.

New Payment Gateways

Multiple payment options allow your customers to choose how to pay for the purchase conveniently. Meanwhile, intelligent payment solutions can quickly adapt to your business needs and ensure fast growth. With a wide range of trusted payment gateway options already available with X-Payments, we now offer even more.

  • Heartland Payment Systems – a payment processor that accepts credit cards, EMV chip cards, gift cards, mobile wallets, and other payment methods in-store or online.
  • Stripe module – a payment integration that enables you to get paid by your customers worldwide, including online, in-person, and recurring payments.
  • Clover Connect module – an integrated payment channel of Fiserv, allowing you to manage your business and payments securely.
  • Apple Pay for PayPal Checkout – a mobile payment and digital wallet service, that allows you to get online payments using the Safari web browser or an iOS device.
  • PayPal Checkout with Vault version 3 – a one-time PayPal Checkout experience, allowing you to automatically create a PayPal Billing Agreement, store a customer’s PayPal account, and charge the account in the future without requiring your customer to re-authenticate with PayPal.
  • Real-time account updater (RTAU) for PayPal Checkout –  a convenient tool that automatically updates lost, stolen, or expired cards in the context of a transaction.
  • Google Pay in Global Payments – a digital wallet that enables your customers to use the cards they have stored with their Google account to make quick, easy purchases on your website.

Enhanced Payments Export and Reporting

Get actionable insights with the ability to export historical transactions, payments, and payout information from your dashboard with the CSV export feature and payments reporting via API.

Customer Frontend Improvements

You can now make the buyer experience even more enjoyable and enhance customer loyalty with the following features:

  • The new look & feel for the payment form at checkout – make your checkout more user-friendly.
  • Light and dark themes for the payment form – choose between the dark and the light themes to better match your brand guidelines.
Updated Payment Form
Source: X-Payments, the updated payment form
Updated Payment Form
Source: X-Payments, the updated payment form

Merchant Backend Updates

We’ve made the internal processes run smoother by implementing the following fixes:

  • removing ‘Regenerate encryption keys’ warning from the admin interface and replacing it with the corresponding helpdesk notification;  
  • adding emulation for Accept and Decline actions; 
  • implementing sorting for the payment configurations;
  • reworking Kount initialization and changes in configuration


We are constantly working to maintain a high level of payment security and enhance it even more to help you avoid fraud headaches.

  • 3-D Secure v.2 support for Moneris eSELECTplus – a protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions based on a three-domain model.


Along with the major updates and new integrations, we’ve been working hard on regular bug fixing and miscellaneous improvements, such as implementing alpha-numeric sender IDs for specific countries (for example, the United Kingdom) and fixing email notifications about failed subscription payments.

You can find more information on the most recent X-Payments Cloud enhancements in the April and September 2023 overviews. And stay tuned for more upgrades and new features in 2024!   

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