We have just released a new X-Payments connector v1.8.6 for Magento

We have just released a new X-Payments connector v1.8.6 for Magento

Hi and welcome the latest X-Payments Connector for Magento v1.8.6! 

It comes with a few sweet new features that are designed to improve your admin experience as well as for smooth shopper journey. 


There are cases for which Magento’s algorithms mark transactions that are likely to be fraudulent. We have added the ability to set Suspected Fraud status to such transactions in X-Payments. 

To make the order creation process even more convenient, we have added the list of saved cards to choose from. What’s more, the invoices for such orders are issued automatically now, as well as the invoices for orders marked as Accepted. 

Another major improvement applies to cart calculation and currency conversion. Both these processes are now seamless and work well. 

In a case when for some reason a payment was deleted on the X-Payments side, it also erases the related data. That is, including the saved card token, thus this saved card cannot be used from the side of the store for further purchases. Now for these cards a very neat and beautiful error message is shown, whenever a customer or admin tries to use the card.

We have located a possible XSS vulnerability and although nothing has ever happened, we went ahead and vaccinated your X-Payments connector preventively. 

We have also improved the algorithms that check if it is possible to save a credit card for the new purchases. 

To make special offers and coupons for customers work well, we improved customer session identification during callback requests. That also allowed us to improve compatibility with third-party add-ons that save customer sessions, too. 

Finally, we have cleaned up deprecated PHP functions for security reasons –– and for convenience as well. 

Bug Fixes

Whenever an order contained only downloadable items, a fatal error used to pop up. We have located the origin of the issue and fixed it. 

We have fixed the PHP notice that used to pop up in recurring profiles view as well. 

Another bug that we fixed is… Nope, that’s it. No more bugs. Well done, X-Payments team!


We increased Curl timeout to 120 seconds, improved the layout of the Review step at checkout, and made some minor cosmetic changes to make working with X-Payments more pleasurable.

Up to you

Being up to date with your Magento store means a world in the competitive niche of eCommerce. By making checkout as easy and smooth as possible for your customers you make conversion rates skyrocket. 

The new version of X-Payments connector is available for upgrade and we’re always there to help if you need us. You can find us anytime working on X-Payments and making it work for you.

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