X-Payments v3.1.6 Released

X-Payments v3.1.6 Released

Before you go away on holiday, you get to enjoy the best of news from us, the mighty X-Payments team. 

X-Payments 3.1.6 is out! 

We have been working hard on this release to make it full of awesome new features. We have also improved the user experience for you as well as security – just as we always do. 

Without much further ado, let us review the changes and what they mean for you. 

X-Payments 3.1.6 improvements

Performance changes

When setting up payment preferences for your online store, it is often necessary to run a test transaction or two to make sure everything works just fine. X-Payments Demo Pay payment method has been added for such test transactions to save you some (loads of) time and effort setting up sandboxes. 

From now on, in your admin dashboard you will always have a customer care agent at hand 24/7 – we’ve added the live chat functionality. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

For those of you who are members of the WIR bank, we have added WIR Euro (CHE) to the list of supported currencies so you can accept local payments within Switzerland. 

X-Payments now supports the newest JCB card number ranges.

Maintenance changes

Once CyberSource have rolled out their new Tokenization Management Service API, we have added the new tokenization schemes

  • Tokenize card before transaction
  • Process transaction and tokenize card
  • Create token from processed transaction

NOTE: Creating a token from transaction may not be supported by your Cybersource merchant account. It is not possible to pass 3-D Secure results to CyberSource when tokenizing a card before the transaction. 

You can now switch between live and test mode in Global Payments (ex-Realex) integration easily if you’d like to test something without having to set up a sandbox. 

There were other minor improvements in the looks, performance, and security of X-Payments – as usual. 

X-Payments 3.1.6 Fixes

There used to be an issue with Kount Data Collector – the Device Data Collector script did not work for the device fingerprint. So far all the incoming transactions were missing the device fingerprint parameter (KAPT=N). We have fixed this issue. 

In earlier versions, X-Payments did not pass the ReferenceID parameter to QuickPay. Since this is a necessary parameter, we’ve added it to the workflow. 

Multi-capture operations used to work incorrectly in the PayPal PayFlow integration. X-Payments completed the transaction after the first capture request, so the next capture requests were not allowed. Now the multiple capture operations for the same authorization are allowed. 

eProcessing gateway automatically changes the token information when capturing an authorized transaction. X-Payments didn’t use to receive the update, which resulted in further failed payment attempts. Now X-Payments receives the updated token info and can successfully charge the cards by their tokens. 

Every now and then when VirtualMerchantMPF gateway returned internal server error, X-Payments could wrongly parse the response as the successful transaction. We have fixed this issue and the responses are now parsed correctly. 

Normally, Bluesnap sends the responses in XML format, which X-Payments receives and processes correctly. However, in case the credentials are invalid, Bluesnap just sends a text line saying “You are not authorized to perform this request due to inappropriate role permissions”. This behaviour used to cause the checkout to loop. We have made the necessary changes and a customer now sees the error message at checkout instead. 

X-Payments used to allow the Retention period (days) setting to be set up to 0, which could result in errors at payment configuration page. We have changed the minimum possible variant to 1. 


In addition to the above major changes, we have made quite a few minor ones that are not worth investigating in detail but which nevertheless make your X-Payments admin experience smoother. These changes include: 

  • the increased maximum request size for api/callback calls; 
  • SagePay sign up link;
  • the updated CardinalCommerce contact information;
  • minor updates for the Intuit QuickBooks Payments integration;
  • various security improvements;
  • other small changes.

Final Thoughts

We have invested a lot of resources into this release and we truly hope you’ll enjoy the new features and your customers – the improved user experience at checkout. After all, you can’t hope for smooth enough buying process without the properly set up and secure checkout. 

X-Payments 3.1.6 is available for upgrade and you are always welcome to contact us for information and assistance. 

See you soon!

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