What’s New in X-Payments: a 2022 Roundup

What’s New in X-Payments: a 2022 Roundup

We haven’t been posting updates lately, and there’s a reason for it. We have been focusing heavily on the development of not one, not two, but three new versions of X-Payments. One of the major features of the new versions is the support of bulk operations, namely, bulk capture

Of course, this is not all – and this blog is a roundup of what we’ve done in 2022. Let’s start!

Payment Integrations: New and Improved

In terms of payments integrations – one of the main X-Payments assets – we’ve updated a number of integrations to work with the latest versions of the service and comply with the associated rules and regulations; developed new integrations with popular payment systems and providers, and fixed a few issues. 

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s changed in 2022. 

  • Updated Braintree SDK to v6.8
  • Upgraded SagePay/Opayo to v4.0.0
  • Corrected XML converting error in CardinalCommerce integration 
  • Developed a new BAC Credomatic integration – NEW 
  • Fixed captures status detection in PayPal REST add-on
  • Added IP address to the initial payment request in Elavon/VirtualMerchant 
  • Reworked tokenization system in Payflow Pro: The tokens are now updated after each rebill transaction. 
  • Corrected a processing error in Cybersource SOAP and improved schema validation
  • Integrated NAB Direct Payment – NEW 
  • Opayo/SagePay doesn’t allow non-alphanumeric characters at the beginning of product names now and the ‘+’ sign in product SKUs. 
  • Added some validation to the browser env data sent to SagePay/Opayo
  • Corrected AUTH ONLY transactions in Opayo/SagePay
  • Added limits to product names and SKUs in PayPal REST add-on
  • Disabled 3-D Secure for Google Pay and Apple Pay in Braintree integration
  • Added Dynamic DBA into Elavon Converge (ex VirtualMerchant)
  • Reworked 3-D Secure authentication status in PayPal REST 
  • Forbid cards that are not enrolled in 3-D Secure with Cardinal Commerce and CyberSource 

3-D Secure

We’re working closely on adding the ability to enable and improving the existing 3-D Secure protocol for various payment integrations. Here are some of our accomplishments: 

  • Added 3-D Secure v2 support in SagePay/Opayo 
  • Added 3-D Secure v2 support in Braintree 
  • Added debug and improved error handling in Cardinal Cruise
  • Added protection against multiple 3-D Secure form submissions  
  • Reworked 3-D Secure status detection in PayPal REST 


Along with the new X-Payments versions, we’ve updated the API to v4.8 as well as improved the security with each release, corrected several bugs, and made cosmetic UX/UI improvements. 

Here’s to meeting more frequently and having lots to discuss in 2023! 

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