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If you need to change your preferred user authentication method (for example, if you want to switch from Google Authenticator, which is your primary and preferred auth method, to SMS/text messages, which is your additional auth method), do the following:

  1. In the X-Payments back end, go to your profile details page and click on the configure link for the user authentication method that you wish to use as your preferred one:
    Xp3 2step sms configure link1.png
  2. On the configuration page for the chosen authentication method, click the button Set this method as preferable:
    Xp3 2step sms make preferable.png
    The authentication method will be updated and set as your preferred method:
    Xp3 2step sms make preferable1.png

Note that the button Set this method as preferable does not appear on the page if the method is already your preferred one.