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X-Payments user manual
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  2. What's New
  3. System requirements
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  5. Two-factor user authentication
  6. Configuring X-Payments
  7. Managing users
  8. Customizing the interface
  9. Managing payments
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  11. Upgrading
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  16. Glossary
  17. Supported payment gateways

In this section:

X-Payments 3.0 key features

Here's an overview of the new exciting features of X-Payments 3.0

  • Two-factor authentication via SMS or Google authenticator app.
    Instead of PIN codes that were used for the second step of admin user authentication in X-Payments versions 2.2 and earlier, we have enabled the administrator to choose either an authentication method based on using one-time passwords from Google Authenticator or a method based on using passwords sent via SMS/text messages. Authentication via backup codes is also available.

  • New optimized and responsive HTML5 payment templates for all the supported shopping cart engines.
    We have come up with a completely new set of templates defining the look of the form for entering payment information. It is a totally new template system, so, after an upgrade to X-Payments 3.0, those of you who have used X-Payments 2.2 or earlier version with customized templates will have to implement the customization anew. The big plus of the new system, however, is that the templates are now responsive, which means that you only have to adjust your templates once, after which they will adapt automatically to any width of the screen or iframe, providing users with a neat-looking payment form on any type of computer or mobile device - for all the supported shopping carts.
    The file size of the templates has also been reduced significantly, which provides for faster page load times - especially notable on slow connections.

  • Improved experience for mobile users.
    First, we have implemented support for the iOS 8 feature allowing the user to use the camera of their mobile device to scan and enter credit card information into the payment form rather than type the characters manually. See the article "iOS 8 How-to: Use Camera to enter in credit card info" for more info.
    Second, we have provided mobile users with an easier way to enter payment card numbers manually. Now when a user goes to type in the number of their card in the payment form, they are provided with a number pad (or - depending on the type of mobile device being used - an onscreen keyboard switched to the mode for entering numerical values) allowing the user to start typing number characters straight away.

  • Browser autofill supported.
    We have implemented browser autofill support for the payment info entry form. Now when a user enters their payment card info to pay via X-Payments, they may choose to allow the web browser they are using to save this information. Alternatively, they may choose to add this information in advance via the browser's Autofill settings. On subsequent payments, the user will be able to choose the card number they want to use for the payment from the card numbers stored by the browser and allow the browser to autofill the payment form with the stored payment information for that card number (everything but the CVV code). Tested in Google Chrome and Microsoft IE/Edge, but should work in any web browser with the Autofill feature enabled.

  • Payment template customization and translation capabilities via the admin back end (no need for FTP any more).
    Starting with X-Payments 3.0, the templates defining the look of the X-Payments payment form can be adjusted via the Settings > Templates section. The process is point-and-click easy. It has also become possible to edit the wording of the X-Payments user interface via the Settings > Languages section.

  • Simplified interface for the management of individual store configurations.

  • Ability to download logs from the admin back end (no need for FTP).

  • Get/update tokenized card feature implemented for Chase Paymentech Orbital and Authorize.Net modules.

  • MySQL 5.7 support.

  • Support for IPv6 addressing.

  • Support for new Mastercard BINs. See the publication "Expansion to 2-series Bank Identification Numbers (BINs)" on the MasterCard website for more info.

  • After a payment error, customers can now make another attempt to pay - without returning to the Shopping cart error page and starting checkout anew (Better conversion rates for your site).

  • Multiple Authorize.net modules are now merged into a single module with tokenization support.

  • Changes to payment modules:
    - New payment modules: NMI (Network Merchants Inc.), NAB (National Australia Bank), Bendigo Bank, Suncorp (Suncorp Bank), Sage (US).
    - Updates for existing payment modules: eWay, ANZ, USA ePay.
    - Added tokenization support for the following modules: Netbilling, eProcessingNetwork, USA ePay.
    - 3-d secure support for eProcessingNetwork and Payeezy (FirstData e4).
    For the complete list of payment modules, see Payment gateways supported by X-Payments 3

  • Kount module updated.

  • 3-d secure form is now displayed on a separate page.

  • Automatic notifications about available X-Payments upgrades.

  • Back-end UI improvements.

  • Fixed several minor issues.

  • Security improvements

X-Payments 3.0.2 key features

  • NoFraud integration (Real-time fully automated screening of transactions for eCommerce fraud prevention). See NoFraud fraud prevention.

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