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X-Payments user manual
  1. X-Payments:General information
  2. What's New
  3. System requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Two-factor user authentication
  6. Configuring X-Payments
  7. Managing users
  8. Customizing the interface
  9. Managing payments
  10. Unistalling X-Payments
  11. Upgrading
  12. Moving X-Payments from one host to another
  13. Viewing X-Payments logs
  14. FAQ
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  16. Glossary
  17. Supported payment gateways

If you need to move your X-Payments from one host to another, follow the steps below:

  1. Back up the entire directory with your X-Payments based installation.
  2. Back up the database.
  3. Upload the entire directory with your X-Payments based installation to a web-accessible directory on the new server. Ensure that the file permissions are set correctly. For information on file permissions, see the article Setting up file permissions for X-Payments.
  4. Edit the file config.ini.php and adjust the settings related to your MySQL database account on the new host. If the mail settings or the X-Payments URL have changed, be sure to update these settings as well. For information on the config.ini.php settings, see the article X-Payments:Installation.
  5. Typically you will not need to re-connect your X-Payments to your online store: after X-Payments has been moved to a new host, everything should continue to work as usual. However, if the X-Payments URL or the IP address of the X-Payments server have changed, you will need to update the X-Payments URL and the IP addresses for X-Payments callbacks in the settings of the X-Payments connector module by which your online store is connected to X-Payments.
  6. If your X-Payments IP address has changed, and you are using the payment gateway by SagePay, please remember to provide the updated IP address value in your SagePay account settings.