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In this section:

X-Payments 3.1.0 key features

Payment gateways related changes

  • Support for some new payment gateways has been added:
    • Worldpay Total US,
    • BlueSnap,
    • Bambora (Beanstream),
    • QuickPay.
For a complete list of payment gateways supported by X-Payments 3.1, see Payment gateways supported by X-Payments 3.1.
  • The module Virtual Merchant has been renamed and is now called Elavon Converge.
  • Tokenization feature has been added for the iTransact and Elavon Converge payment methods and fixed for Payflow Pro.
  • Fraud management support and other improvements have been implemented for Authorize.net integration.
  • JCB card type support has been added for PayPal module.
  • Some issues related to Heidelpay module test/live mode have been fixed.

UX and security improvements

  • Signifyd fraud screening service integration
    In addition to Kount and NoFraud, X-Payments now has an integration with Signifyd - so now X-Payments users have three integrated fraud prevention solutions to choose from. For more info on X-Payments' Signifyd integration, see Signifyd fraud protection and chargeback prevention.
  • Browser-side Javascript card data validation
    Completing payment forms has become easier for your customers. Now if a user makes a typo while entering their card information, the page won’t reload after validation losing the entered data. Your buyers will see a warning and will only need to edit the card number, but not have to fill out all the fields anew.
  • Automatic updating of the card expiration date for re-issued cards for Authorize.Net.
    This feature has been supported by X-Payments for some time now, but it has been only recently enabled on the Authorize.Net end. Anyways, this feature is fully supported by the new version of X-Payments. It means that if a customer's card is stored for future purchases, and the expiration date of that card changes, the expiration date will be updated automatically in X-Payments when the customer makes their next purchase using the saved card (No additional actions from the customer or the administrator are required).
  • Automatic regeneration of cardholder data keys
    Cardholder data keys no longer have to be re-generated manually. X-Payments now handles this task automatically.
  • Improved support of 2-series Mastercard BINs
  • Updated BIN detection for Discover network cards
  • Support for IP addresses passed by Cloudflare
  • Developer mode is now available (for test installations without SSL)
  • Ability to grant permissions for admin users to edit templates, languages and view logs
  • OpenSSL library is used now instead of the deprecated mcrypt library
  • Solo, Switch and Laser have been removed from supported card types
  • Shortened URLs for profile actions (password restoration, etc.) in emails
  • Other minor design changes and improvements

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