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Starting with version 3.0.2, X-Payments provides integration with NoFraud. NoFraud is a comprehensive fraud prevention service that employs every known fraud prevention technology in a single centralized system, producing the most precise decision-making fraud prevention application. NoFraud sits between your store site and your payment gateway reviewing payment transactions in real time through complex algorithms so that only the legitimate transactions are sent to the gateway for processing. Any transactions declined by NoFraud are bounced back to the customer while they are still at the cart. Approved transactions are passed along to the gateway for uninterrupted processing. For the small percentage of transactions where a Pass or Fail decision is not available, NoFraud contacts the cardholder for verification. As a result, NoFraud eliminates the need for manual review of transactions and prevents the declining of legitimate customers. NoFraud takes just a few minutes to set up and does not require training or dedicated staff to run or maintain. With no setup fees and low per-transaction billing rates, NoFraud allows anyone to try the system with little risk. All you need to do is choose a plan to match your needs. You can even get a one or two week free trial by contacting NoFraud at info@nofraud.com or 888-773-3669.

Getting started with NoFraud

NoFraud integration is included with X-Payments versions 3.0.2 and later and does not require installation. You will need a NoFraud account.

To start using NoFraud, complete the steps below:

  1. If you haven't yet done so, sign up for a NoFraud account.
    Xp3 nofraud signup.png

  2. After creating your NoFraud account, log in to the Account Manager portal.
    Xp3 nofraud signin.png
    On the bottom left of your portal account, you will see a few tabs that require merchant information input. Make sure all the required information for your account has been provided correctly. NoFraud provides some help guides and references in the "Resources" section that you may find helpful. For example, the NoFraud Portal Guide provides a thorough explanation of all the settings.
    Please pay particular attention to the "Integration" tab. Through this tab, you will need to select the type of integration you are using. From the 'Add new integration' menu, select the 'Direct API' method. After adding your integration in your portal account, you will get an API key code for your integration (this code is generated automatically).
    Xp3 nofraud integration.png
    You will need to copy this code from your account and input it into the appropriate field in X-Payments, so for now simply copy the code to clipboard.

  3. In a new browser tab or window, log in to X-Payments and go to the 'Payment Configurations' page (Settings -> Payment configurations).
    Xp3 payment confs.png

  4. Locate the payment configuration with which you are going to use NoFraud and open its details for editing. If you haven't yet configured a payment configuration, add and configure one as provided in the section X-Payments:Payment_configurations.
  5. In the payment configuration details, check the Antifraud service setting. If you haven't been using any antifraud service for the current payment configuration so far, this field will be set to "Not enabled".
    Antifraud service.png
    Reset this field to "NoFraud - Full Service Fraud Prevention".
    Nofraud service selected.png
    Click Save to save the changes.
  6. Click Configure to access the NoFraud settings page for the current payment configuration:
    Nofraud configure link.png
  7. Adjust the settings on the NoFraud settings page:
    Nofraud settings page.png
    • Status (Not configured / Enable / Disable): This setting indicates whether NoFraud module is active. For now just leave it as is. After you provide the rest of the required settings (below) and save the changes, NoFraud module will be enabled automatically. You will then be able to use this setting to disable/re-enable NoFraud for your current payment configuration as you require.
    • API key: Use this field to input the API key code you have obtained in your NoFraud portal account.
    • Test/Live mode: Set the mode for your NoFraud integration. Note that this setting must match the mode you have chosen for your NoFraud integration in your portal account settings.
  8. Save the changes by clicking Save.

That is all; NoFraud service has been activated for the payment configuration in question. From now on, any payment transactions via the payment method enabled by the said payment configuration will be screened by NoFraud.

Important: NoFraud will not screen transactions made using a previously saved credit card.

Using NoFraud

Once activated for one or more payment configurations in X-Payments, NoFraud works automatically for all the incoming payments via the respective payment methods. The results of checking by NoFraud can be viewed in X-Payments, in the admin back end of the online store and in the NoFraud portal.

To view NoFraud results in X-Payments:

  1. Go to the ' Payments' page and locate the payment for which you would like to view the NoFraud results.
  2. Click on the Reference ID of the payment to access the payment details.
    In the table with the payment details, you will be able to see whether the NoFraud check has been passed successfully of failed in the "NoFraud results" section:
    Xp3 nofraud passed in xp.png

    If NoFraud is not able to set either 'passed' or 'failed' status right away, it sets the status 'being reviewed by NoFraud'. In this case the NoFraud result will be as follows:
    Xp3 nofraud review in xp.png

    The status 'being reviewed by NoFraud' means that NoFraud needs time to conduct additional customer verification. Once the process is completed, NoFraud will send the final verification result to the X-Payments administrator by email. Note that the NoFraud status of the payment in X-Payments will not be updated.

To view NoFraud results in your online store's back end, go to the section where you view order details. The result of checking by NoFraud will be available in the order details similarly to what you see in X-Payments. Here's an example of NoFraud results shown in X-Cart 5:

Xp3 nofraud passed in xc5.png

To view the results of a NoFraud check in the NoFraud portal, simply follow the transaction id link (provided both in the details of the payment X-Payments and in the order details in your store's back end):

Xp3 nofraud portal link.png