XP Cloud:Apr 12, 2021 - X-Payments Cloud update has been released

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X-Payments Cloud User Manual
  1. X-Payments Cloud: General information
  2. Get Started with X-Payments Cloud
  3. Two-factor User Authentication
  4. General Settings
  5. Payment Configurations
  6. Services
  7. Users
  8. User Interface
  9. Payments
  10. Supported Payment Gateways
  11. What's New in X-Payments Cloud

Updates of X-Payments Cloud and X-Payments Cloud Connector for X-Cart have been released.

  • Added the Delayed Payment feature which enables your site to use a checkout mode in which buyers can pre-order products or services from you without having the order total amount collected from them before you finalize this amount.
  • BillriantPay now supports 3-D secure payment transactions.
  • CardinalCommerce now supports Discover card type.
  • Apple Pay did not work in some cases. Fixed.
  • Other minor fixes.