XP Cloud:Changing a User's Account Status

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The current status of a user account is visible on the 'Users List' page:

XP2.0 account status1.png

and on the 'Account details: <user name>' page:

XP2.0 account status.png

The X-Payments Cloud root administrator can change the account status of other users.

If you are the root admin, to change the status of a user account, do one of the following:

  • On the 'Users List' page, click the button dropdown element opposite the user name and select the required action (Lock / Unlock) from the menu:
    XP2.0 lock user l.png
  • On the 'Account details: <user name>' page, click the button dropdown element at the bottom of the page and select the required action (Lock account/Unlock account):
    XP2.0 lock user detpage.png