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Sometimes a situation may occur when you need to change the status of a payment in X-Payments Cloud without actually completing the respective transaction via the payment gateway. For example, you may need to "mark" a payment as captured when you know that the funds have been successfully moved to your account, but the information about the payment status change was not sent to X-Payments Cloud (for example, the payment gateway does not support the sending of this information, or the payment gateway was down). In this case, you should use the 'Emulate transaction' feature. As a result, the transaction status will be updated in X-Payments Cloud - without the information being sent to the payment gateway. The information about the transaction status change will also be sent to the online store, and - provided that the online store supports this feature (X-Cart does) - the order status in the store will be automatically updated as well.

To emulate a transaction:

  1. While viewing the etails of the payment on the Payment details page, locate the section for Capture/Void/Refund actions:
    Xpc capture auth detailsview.png
    Xpc refund.png
  2. Make sure that the amount shown in the input box is correct. If you need to use a partial amount, adjust the contents of the input box accordingly - the transaction will be completed only for the specified amount (NB: Your payment gateway must support partial transactions!).
  3. Capture/Refund transactions: Select the Emulate transaction check box below the input box.
    Void: Select the Emulate transaction check box next to the Void button.
  4. Click the transaction action button (Capture, Refund or Void).
    The transaction will be emulated.