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X-Payments Cloud User Manual
  1. X-Payments Cloud: General information
  2. Get Started with X-Payments Cloud
  3. Two-factor User Authentication
  4. General Settings
  5. Payment Configurations
  6. Services
  7. Users
  8. User Interface
  9. Payments
  10. Supported Payment Gateways
  11. What's New in X-Payments Cloud

When setting up accounts for additional users, the root admin can specify what access permissions each new user will have.
Xpc user permissions.png

  • Payment details (and Cardholder data)
    This provides access to the Payments list and information of individual payments, including cardholder data.
    Xpc payments button.png
    Xpc payments section.png
    Xpc payment details.png
    Note that the permission to access Cardholder data always goes together with the permission to access Payment details; one cannot be enabled without the other. If you choose to enable one, the other will be enabled automatically.

  • Subscriptions
    This provides access to subscriptions.
    Xpc subscripions button.png

  • General
    This provides access to X-Payments general settings.
    Xpc general settings link s.png
    Xpc2021 general settings.png

  • Appearance
    This provides access to payment form appearance settings.
    Xpc appearance link.png
    Xpc appearance.png

  • Translations
    This provides access to translations.
    Xpc translations link.png
    Xpc translations.png